I shall tell you my story now

I shall tell you my story now

I shall tell you my story now,
It is sad, I am crying still.
I don’t know to live me how,
All because of my heart is ill.

“Tell me please, tell me please”, I am praying,
Tell me: “Why was that love so strong?”
With green leaves sadly wind is playing
And I am singing this lonely song.

Even now when birds are singing
Even now when spring had come.
I am thinking again, I am thinking,
I remember - you kissed my arm.

And my thoughts starting dancing wildly,
They return me to rain again.
Drops are falling inside my soul
And I feel that familiar pain.

I’ll be looking for night and silence,
I’ll be listening to nightingale,
I’ll survive of my life this violence,
But don’t want to meet love again.

I am suffering, but forever
And for always you’re far away.
But I wish you: don’t suffer ever,
And I wish you – have happy day.


To win a man

Many women suffer of being alone. And it is not strange. There are so many women and so few men. And how much genuine men are there? Less and less. That’s why so many women live alone. And they really suffer of their being alone, because they want to find the one and only man. Loving man. Those women who were happy to get married, they rather often divorce their husbands. There are many reasons why it happens.
In the process of divorce both partners blame each other. They say it is entirely your fault, not mine… But the situations differ. Sometimes it is his fault, sometimes hers, and in most cases it is his and her fault at the same time. And they begin to live separately. She lives alone. She gives herself up to her work and child and suffers of being alone. Years pass – the first year, the second… She is so pretty, intelligent, she likes to cook and makes her house comfortable, but she is not happy. There is no personal happiness in her life. She wants to love and to be loved. She wants this very much. And she doesn’t want to look at those men who already have wives; because she is a serious woman and she wants serious relations.
A woman looks around her and understands that there are many men who are unworthy of her attention. Some of them like alcohol, drugs or switched guys. The rest, and they are very few, they don’t know what they want in this life. And it is very difficult to find such type of men; they hide from women like mushrooms. Such men don’t like jolly crowds. They like their hobbies.
And what should do we – intelligent and beautiful women? Or we are condemned to loneliness? As a matter of fact we can hope that the situation is not so bad. Hold your head up! Smile! You do not need many man, do you? You need the only one who will make you happy. Only one who will divine your intentions and will wait for the same from you. Who will take care about you and about whom you will take care. But where she can find him?
The first thing you have to do – to change the thought way. Yes, and don’t be so skeptical to this advice. You don’t have to think: “I am so unhappy! I have no man!” You just have to begin thinking in such a way: “I am so happy! I have found my man!” You have to stop feeling sorry about yourself while thinking about yourself, while speaking with your friends and in your life at all. Doing so you will have the chance to find your man.
How can it happen? The matter is that when you begin to think about positive things these positive events begin to happen in your life. That what you are thinking about realizes in your life. You will be pleasantly surprised when men deserving your attention will appear in your life. And it will happen by itself. You will not believe that it happens. But it is not magic. The thought is a material thing. If you still don’t believe – just try!
The second that you need to do to win your man. Arrange everything at your house as if a man already lives with you. Let his toothbrush be at your bathroom together with your. Buy shaving mousse and some other men’s things. Let them be at your house. Soon you will present all these things to your man. In the evening when you go to bed, put a pillow for your beloved man near you. Imagine that your man is already with you. Let your imagination run away with him. Say tender words to your imaginary man; say “Good night” to him when you are going to fall asleep. When you will do this you will feel pacification or even passion. In the morning when you wake up you will feel that you already have your man and the next day you will behave in other way. You will see magic glitter in your eyes. Many people will notice this glitter and many men, of course, if they will be attentive. When a man sees such magic glitter in woman’s eyes he begins to shine himself and he feel drawn to this woman. This magic glitter in woman’s eyes work like a magnet for a man.
The third thing to become a happy woman is the following. When you want to find your man you have to escape those mistakes many women do. Those women who are looking for their men do mistakes because they don’t know what you will find out now. One of mistakes is that a woman tries to force relations. She has found more or less appropriate man and she at once forgets that a woman has to be weak. A woman is pushing forward like a tank on a site of a battle. But she doesn’t have to do it. It is necessary to give the possibility to make court to you to a man. If he decided to win you he will do certain steps to reach his goal and to win your attention. You don’t have to be afraid that he will be afraid and will escape. If he is a genuine man and is interested in you, he will be soon yours. Let him take the lead. Try not to attack him as if he was your victim or trophy. Be feminine and patient. And you will like the result. Use all your woman’s charm, looks, light make up; try to choose clothes tastefully. You have to arouse his interest not frighten him. Be a little naïve. Do not show your physical strength – do not carry heavy shopping bags. Show him that you are tired if you go a long distance. Let your man help you. Don’t be afraid to look into his eyes, especially at the very beginning of your relations. Show him that you are interested in him.
When he will see that you are looking at him then he will favour you. And if he will not? Don’t be upset about it! It is not your man! And if you feel that it is your man and you want to be with him and he is already makes court to you, try to make a distance and do not give way to him. You don’t have to wait for flowers and sweet stuff. Of course, you have seen such presents in beautiful movies. Every man has his own style of courtship behavior. Do not be in a hurry to shorten the distance between you and him and you will both feel strong desire.
You are a woman and don’t forget about it! Men want to win a woman!
Don’t forget about this and realize this mission with dignity and be happy!


And my tears are dropping on the yellow sand

And my tears are dropping on the yellow sand

And my tears are dropping on the yellow sand,
Nobody else can me understand.
Why did I believe to your tender words –
I was crying nights and days afterwords.

Leaving me and what shall I do with that?
But my brown eyes, sweaty, don’t forget!
Maybe any beautiful sunny day
We would be together and far away.

I shall live alone without you.
Won’t say to anyone: “I love you”,
And my heart is suffering of this pain
I am afraid to look for my love again.


I saw you in my dream tonight

  I saw you in my dream tonight  

I saw you in my dream tonight
We meet each other for the first.
Romantic looks and lightly touch
We’ve found across the universe.

First we were a little strained
But then we both began to smile.
We knew we did it not in vain -
No virtual but so tactile.

Without drinking any wine
We both became a little drunk.
You watched me sitting a little reclined
And my heartbeating slowly shrunk.

You came to me and gave your hand
Inviting me to slowly dance.
A little trembling and so bland
We used this greatest meeting chance.

This pleasant moment of my dream
I’ve opened eyes and was awaked.
Please, tell my dear this extreme
Where will us take?

Passionate woman

Passionate woman  

Passionate woman
Longing for you
Can you just save her
And say – I love you?
Not even now –
First we shall meet.
See my eyes brown,
Want to repeat.
Soul to soul,
Heart to heart.
After you saw me -
Never apart!


May I drown in your eyes? May I?

     May I drown in your eyes? May I? 

                 May I drown in your eyes? May I?                 
I become in your eyes happy.
I will come to you and say: “Hello!”
I love you! Is it so intricate?
It’s not intricate, but so difficult!
So difficult to love, believe me.
I will step to the steep somewhere –
Will you have time to catch me, dear?
Will you write me if I leave here?
I’ll be missing you, my honey.
I want being with you – hear?
Not a minute, not month – years.
All my life – do you understand me?
We shall be hand in hand – you want it?
I am afraid of your answer, you know?
Will you give me your answer looking
In my eyes and you say: “Love you!”
If you say it then I promise
You’ll be happy with me always.
But if no – I pray you, dear:
Please, don’t punish with your gazing
And remember those happy minutes.
Let me love you, my sweetheart, may I?
And if not – I will still love you!;’.
And I always will help, friend mine
If you need me …


I close my eyes in the night. Love poems.

I close my eyes in the night. Love poems.  

I close my eyes in the night
And dreaming again and again.
New morning will finish the night
While dancing we meet a new day.

The sunrise is orange and red
And slightly you touching my hand.
I know I'll never forget
Your caressing hand on my head.

Wild passion you read in my eyes,
We dancing a tango with you,
We’re close but far otherwise,  
Enjoying what both we do.

A red rose, a beautiful vase…
Her petals fell down on the floor.
This rose remembering us,
Our dancing, and passion, and love.

I want to continue this dream,
Enjoying your smile every day.
And go alongside love stream,
And do everything what you say.

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