I shall tell you my story now

I shall tell you my story now

I shall tell you my story now,
It is sad, I am crying still.
I don’t know to live me how,
All because of my heart is ill.

“Tell me please, tell me please”, I am praying,
Tell me: “Why was that love so strong?”
With green leaves sadly wind is playing
And I am singing this lonely song.

Even now when birds are singing
Even now when spring had come.
I am thinking again, I am thinking,
I remember - you kissed my arm.

And my thoughts starting dancing wildly,
They return me to rain again.
Drops are falling inside my soul
And I feel that familiar pain.

I’ll be looking for night and silence,
I’ll be listening to nightingale,
I’ll survive of my life this violence,
But don’t want to meet love again.

I am suffering, but forever
And for always you’re far away.
But I wish you: don’t suffer ever,
And I wish you – have happy day.

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